It’s not the end of the world when you have mild to moderate acne.

There was a period in your life when you were plagued by acne. You worry that your acne is the only thing others will notice about you on the first date, prom, or an important job interview. With all the many technological developments these days, there are several innovative acne treatments that may just be the ticket to a smoother face and body.

Acne medications that are available over the counter are the most prescribed options today. Clearasil, Seabreeze, and Neutrogena are just a few of the usual brand name treatments you can get at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Acne pads and moisturizers are also available from several of these companies. Do not give up on the product if your acne does not improve significantly after one day of using these remedies. Finding the product that works for you usually takes a lot of trial and error, and each product takes about two weeks to start showing results.

Proactiv is a new acne treatment product. It has become one of the most popular acne remedies on the market following numerous infomercials and advertisements in publications and on the internet. Many people are trying this product because of the praise it has received from celebrities, but the results have been mixed. There are several different products on the market that have the same components as Proactiv. What differentiates one product from another? The price?

Blackheads, a particularly difficult type of acne to clear up, are a common occurrence on many people’s faces. This form of acne, which usually appears on the nose, cheeks and ears, is very deep and difficult to cure. There are, however, treatments on the market that can help with this specific type of acne. This therapy, sometimes called “nose strips,” uses a strip coated with a drying agent to remove blackheads from your pores. If you are trying to get rid of blackheads, you need to clean your face to prevent them from forming in the first place. Attempting to “self-extract” blackheads can do more harm than good to your face!

A new therapy for mild to severe acne is now available. The Zeno Acne Clearing Device is a portable device. An FDA approved device for treating acne with heat therapy needs 2 to 12 minutes. This heat therapy heals the pimple by eliminating the germs that cause it. For the first time, the Zeno Acne Clearing Device doesn’t take days or even weeks to work its magic on a pimple like previous therapies. Although the heat from the Zeno device may induce minor redness for about 20 to 30 minutes after use, clients have not experienced significant ill effects, unlike the potential for skin irritation caused by topical therapies.

Acne on the face and other areas of the body can still be treated effectively with good personal hygiene. Acne can usually be prevented by washing your face with mild soap frequently. Unlike other acne treatment methods, ordinary soap and water do not irritate the skin. Only people with severe acne will need to see a dermatologist for prescription acne medications.