MDGram Download

mdgram download

MDGram is available for different architectures for android devices, Below is the description of each architecture and version.

Don’t know which one to download? Download the UNIVERSAL version and your device will choose the correct architecture.

Architecture Device : For all Devices

Size: 58 MB

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Architecture Device : Armv7a

Size: 49 MB

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Architecture Device :Arm64

Size: 49 MB

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MDGram on google play console (Play Store)

To update MDGram Messenger, it is first sent to the google play store app console Developer to then be reviewed for subsequent approval, once the update is accepted it may be available for download on your android play console store, for this reason the updates are delayed to be published to the App Store.

MDGram is also in PlayStore you can see it from here For updates.

The update in the playstore may take time to update the version that is uploaded by.