Custom Emojis in MDGram

Want custom emojis for your MDGram messenger? Here we draw different emoji styles, how to apply iOS emoji on Android phone or Windows 11 emoji, etc. These emoticons are not my property, I am only providing the information here for your use.


This method is only for Android 10 users – Adnroid 13, …………. users with lower android version may experience emoji issue, may not display emojis normally.

Emojis :
Emojis ios 15.4 Unicode14
Emojis JoyPixel 7.0 Unicode 14
Emojis Windows Fluenti 3D
Emoji Samsung Unicode 14
Emojis Facebook unicode 14

How to apply emojis in MDGram

Step 1: Settings Tab

Step 2. Find the font of the emoji file. Format .ttf file and click on it to select and apply emojis.

Step 4: Done, you have applied custom emoji, it is important to disable system emoji when using custom emoji.

Download Emojis

All downloadable emoticons are here

Emojis ios 15.4 Unicode14
Créditos to Apple
Emojis JoyPixel 7.0 Unicode 14
Créditos to oficial JoyPixel.
Emojis Windows Fluenti 3D
Facebook Emoji
Samsung Emoji